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Firearms | Fortress Personal Defense Solutions - Bozeman, MT

Training for safe use of firearms is essential in a world where safety is not guaranteed. Firearms can be great tools for self-defense, but...

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Martial Arts

Martial Arts | Fortress Personal Defense Solutions - Bozeman, MT

Bozeman, MT area is home of Fortress: Personal Defense Solutions, where we offer Gallatin Valley’s most comprehensive...

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Self Defense Lessons

Self Defense Lessons | Fortress Personal Defense Solutions - Bozeman, MT,MT

Reduced rates and affordable packages are available for those interested in arranging private classes! These trainings will be customized...

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Welcome To Fortress Personal Defense Solutions

As the leading regional provider in self-defense training, Fortress Personal Defense Solutions prides itself on serving and strengthening the Bozeman, Montana community. We have a vast range of classes and trainings that teach students how to react in a number of potentially deadly situations. According to carefully analyzed FBI statistics, reaction time and previous training can be crucial. Most violent confrontations reach a peak in a quick matter of moments (approx. 3 seconds)!

At the current homicide rate, roughly 1 in every 240 Americans will be murdered each year. What are you doing to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Fortress Personal Defense Solutions is leading the fight to improve statistics like these:

• 42% of the American population will fall victim to a violent crime (such as assault, robbery, or rape) at some point in their lives

Our new location is equipped with everything you need to learn proper self-defense tactics. Trained staff and professionals with years of experience await you!

We offer a variety of classes and certification programs that tests self-discipline and self-control. Our programs are designed to accommodate everyone—male or female, young or old. We place great emphasis on having students that are serious about their learning. Moral and physically disciplined pupils will have the greatest success outcomes.

Preventing violent crime starts by avoiding it and always preparing for the unexpected. To do this, our K4 Combat Systems incorporate a variety of tactical fighting skills. This is complimented by an understanding of the martial arts concept Kei Shin Kan, which means “Change of Heart, Change of Spirit.”

We have ongoing classes on the following:

• Women’s self-defense training
• National Rifle Association certifications and concealed firearm permits
• Instruction for profficient firearm use
• Trauma Recovery and First Aid
• Low Light and Car Assault defensive strategies
• Hand-to-hand combat
• Skills to confront active shooters

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